Does your porch need to assistance, whether that's to stay standing or to improve its aesthetics? Learn how a remodeling contractor can help.

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When I moved into my current home, its front porch was literally falling down. The paint on the porch railing was peeling. The porch’s ceiling was sagging. In addition to these issues, the porch’s concrete floor was stained. After saving a substantial amount of money, I recently decided to give this important part of my home a much needed facelift. Because I’m not handy, I decided to hire an experienced remodeling contractor to build me the front porch of my dreams. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, remodeling projects that will give your front porch the wow factor. Enjoy!


Creating an Upscale Look for Your Half-Bath

28 February 2018
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Your half-bath doesn't just have to be a room with a simple vanity and toilet. Even in this small space, there's a lot of room for luxurious details. If you are planning to remodel your half-bath, consider the following ideas to give the room an upscale look and feel. Bathroom Chandelier A chandelier can give a small space a grand appearance. Choose a design that's proportionate to the size of the room, and be sure that the lighting fixture you choose is rated for use in damp locations. Read More …

Four Fun Remodeling Ideas For An Unused Closet

9 February 2018
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If you have a closet in your home that isn't used very often, you may want to consider transforming this space so it can get a bit more use. With the help of your remodeling contractor and a few creative ideas, you can bring new life to an old closet. Here are a few options to consider as you plan out this fun remodeling project. Home Office If you are short on extra space in your home but still need a place to balance your checkbook or handle other household expenses, consider converting your closet into a home office. Read More …

Improve Your Bathroom Without Changing The Essential Components

13 July 2017
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When most homeowners think of remodeling their bathroom, they will go through ideas that involve changing the main components such as the sink, tub, toilet, or shower. But, this is not necessary to invest in remodeling that makes a noticeable difference to the room and improves it in various ways. You will want to get a bit creative for this kind of remodel, but it is a mission that you can accomplish: Read More …

3 Benefits Of Using Awnings Around Your Home

13 July 2017
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Awnings are not just for businesses or RVs; they can also be really handy features on your home. Here are three benefits that you can experience by using awnings on your home. #1 Protection Against The Weather One of the biggest benefits that awnings presents is protection against the weather. When you have an awning set up, snow, sleet, rain and hail will no longer hit against your house and your windows. Read More …

Should I Paint My Basement Ceilings Too?

28 June 2017
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Painting your basement is a decision that you will not regret. It is the first step in finishing off your basement and making it 100% livable, However, you might have issues if you paint your walls, but not your ceilings. Many people don't realize how important it is to repaint the ceilings. This article not only explains why you should repaint your ceiling, but also the best technique for it. Read More …