Four Fun Remodeling Ideas For An Unused Closet

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Four Fun Remodeling Ideas For An Unused Closet

9 February 2018
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If you have a closet in your home that isn't used very often, you may want to consider transforming this space so it can get a bit more use. With the help of your remodeling contractor and a few creative ideas, you can bring new life to an old closet. Here are a few options to consider as you plan out this fun remodeling project.

Home Office

If you are short on extra space in your home but still need a place to balance your checkbook or handle other household expenses, consider converting your closet into a home office. You can remove the door from the hinges and have your contractor widen the opening to create easy access to your work area. Add a shelf to serve as your desktop, and install extra wall shelving to hold office supplies. You can also install a white board on the wall behind where the computer will sit to jot down notes and reminders.

Wine Bar

An unused closet in the living room can be a great place to add a small wine bar. Have your contractor run wiring for an outlet, and use it to plug in a wine cooler, and add some custom shelving next to where the wine cooler will sit to hold glassware and other accessories. You can purchase surplus granite counter material to create a beautiful bar counter in the closet. Have the walls painted to coordinate with your living room decor, and replace the top shelf in the closet with a stemware rack to complete this look. You can leave the door on the closet to keep the wine bar concealed between uses, or you can remove it to proudly display your wine collection.

Reading Nook

An unused closet in a spare bedroom or in your living room can make an excellent reading nook. Work with your remodeling contractor to remove the door and add a custom-built bench on the floor of the closet area. This bench should run the width of the closet. Have wall sconces installed on either end of the bench midway up the wall to provide proper illumination for reading. The sconce lights should face downward to brighten the reading area. Your contractor can then install custom shelving to house your book collection. This removes some of the clutter from the shelves in your living room while putting all of your favorite volumes within arm's reach. Add some plush pillows after the remodel is complete to bring added comfort to the seating area.

Sleepover Space

If you don't have a spare guestroom, or if your little ones enjoy hosting sleepover parties, you can convert a closet into a sleepover space. Your contractor can install a Murphy bed to create a large sleeping space, or you can have a custom set of bunk beds built into the closet. Add recessed lighting in the top of the closet, and be sure to add a switch to control the lights inside for easy access. Consider painting the walls before adding the bed of your choice, and use curtains to replace the door for a cozy look.

A home remodeling service, like Kings Remodel, can provide additional suggestions for how to customize these ideas even further. Be sure you still have adequate closet space in your home before converting a closet into one of these spare living spaces.