Creating an Upscale Look for Your Half-Bath

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Creating an Upscale Look for Your Half-Bath

28 February 2018
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Your half-bath doesn't just have to be a room with a simple vanity and toilet. Even in this small space, there's a lot of room for luxurious details. If you are planning to remodel your half-bath, consider the following ideas to give the room an upscale look and feel.

Bathroom Chandelier

A chandelier can give a small space a grand appearance. Choose a design that's proportionate to the size of the room, and be sure that the lighting fixture you choose is rated for use in damp locations. Situate the fixture so it hangs in front of the mirror in the room to create the illusion of added light and space. You can choose a classic candelabra-style fixture with a matte black or white finish to create a retro look, or you can go with a classic crystal chandelier for a glamorous touch.

Open-Shelf Vanity

An open-shelf vanity offers ample storage space while also letting you get creative with displays for towels and toiletries. Use the shelves to arrange baskets filled with sample-sized items for guests, and artfully fold towels to create a stunning display. Work with your bathroom remodeling contractor to select the right size to fit your bathroom, and choose a unique sink option to finish off the look. A vessel sink can add a uniquely modern touch to the room, while a farmhouse-style sink offers some upscale country charm.


Adding wainscoting in a half-bath can create the illusion of added depth while adding an upscale look to the room. Work with your contractor to find the right design to fit your decor theme, and consider having it painted to bring a pop of color to the room. Your contractor can paint the borders in one hue and the center in another for a beautiful color contrast. You can also choose wainscoting in a natural wood finish for a more stately look in a vintage-inspired bathroom. Pair the wainscoting with crown molding at the top of the walls for even more elegance in the room.

Once you have these elements in place, you can look at decor items to complete the new look for your half-bath. A simple side chair and small end table can bring a spa-like feel to a larger space, while a wall-mounted shelving system filled with candles and decorative soaps can bring charm to a smaller room. Ask your local bathroom remodel company for additional ideas you can use to make your space truly special.