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When I moved into my current home, its front porch was literally falling down. The paint on the porch railing was peeling. The porch’s ceiling was sagging. In addition to these issues, the porch’s concrete floor was stained. After saving a substantial amount of money, I recently decided to give this important part of my home a much needed facelift. Because I’m not handy, I decided to hire an experienced remodeling contractor to build me the front porch of my dreams. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, remodeling projects that will give your front porch the wow factor. Enjoy!


Get Sick Regularly? Remodel Your Bathroom To Help Keep The Germs Away

26 April 2017
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It is not fun being sick, especially when you have important responsibilities. Working a full-time job and taking care of your family are not things that you want to put on the sideline if you can avoid it. This means you should invest in projects within your home to minimize the chance of getting sick. While you will want to wash your hands regularly throughout the day and avoid touching your face without clean hands, you can also invest in bathroom remodeling to improve the cleanliness of the main bathroom that you use. Read More …

Enhance Your Bathroom With Intricate Tile Flooring

29 March 2017
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If you want to dramatically enhance and alter the bathroom in your home during your bathroom remodel, consider tiling the floor. With so many tile options available, it is easy to find something distinctive and durable that is cohesive with your home's style and theme. Talk to tiling contractors about estimates, materials, and ideas to improve your home's floor, or use the following tips for DIY projects in your free time. Read More …

How To Keep Your Bathtub Clean And Looking Like New

27 March 2017
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Bathtubs do not remain in good condition forever. Even if you keep them clean, the finish will slowly deteriorate. Cracks and chips can appear. After a while, your bathtub will look old, worn, and generally unappealing. Here's how you can keep your bathtub looking pristine, or otherwise restore it to a more attractive state. Daily Cleaning A good cleaning can help get rid of stains, mildew buildup, and grime. Cleaning a bathtub starts with how you use it. Read More …

Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

17 March 2017
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When it comes to improving the comfort and value of your house, remodeling the kitchen may be one of the best investment options that you can make. However, there are few projects that can be as daunting as a major kitchen remodeling task. To help you with getting the most out of this project, you should understand the need to use several tips when going through with this project. Keep To A Strict Budget Read More …

Shower Styles To Consider For Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation

2 March 2017
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It's easy to put a heavy focus on the decor scheme of your bathroom when you're planning a renovation, but it's also important to thoroughly consider any changes you wish to make to the room's fixtures. Putting in a new shower can dramatically change the look of the bathroom, as well as free up space or make the room more enjoyable to use. If you have a traditional shower-tub combination unit but you're interested in dramatically overhauling the bathroom, it's worthwhile to consider a number of different styles of shower. Read More …