Three Lock Types To Consider When You're Replacing A Window

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Three Lock Types To Consider When You're Replacing A Window

13 March 2018
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When you're replacing a window in your home, your primary focus might be on topics such as the style of the window you're choosing, the color of the frame, and even how it opens. These decisions are all important for the look and functionality of the window, but you should also give some consideration to whether or not you'll buy a window with a locking mechanism. It's strongly advisable to get a window that you can lock, as burglars can easily gain entry to a home through unlocked windows. When it comes to choosing the lock for your replacement window, you can evaluate a series of different options. Here are three lock types of consider.

Sash Lock

A sash lock is perhaps the most common type of locking mechanism to get on a replacement window. This style of lock comes in slightly different designs, but the premise is the same — it's a lock with a lever or switch that allows you to lock or unlock the window with ease. The sash lock on a window pulls the part of the window that opens toward the frame and secures the two together. A sash lock is valuable because it's easy and quick to use. In addition to the security benefits, a sash lock also makes the window more airtight, which protects against air loss.

Restrictor Lock

A restrictor lock is another style of lock that you'll likely want to consider for your replacement window. This lock performs a different job in that it allows the window to stay open a set amount but doesn't permit the window to open any farther. Restrictor locks are common in hotels, but can also have value in residential spaces. For example, many parents want restrictor locks in their children's bedrooms. This way, if a child is climbing onto the window sill and falls forward, the window can't open wide enough for the child to fall out and get seriously injured or killed.

Key Lock

Although not nearly as common as sash locks, key locks can be handy for homeowners. This mechanism consists of a lock that you control with a key, much like the small lock in a residential filing cabinet. The chief benefit of this apparatus, beyond securing the window, is that you can control who opens it. For example, if you're concerned about a housekeeper opening the window and then forgetting to close it before leaving, thus creating a security risk, you can lock the window in advance so that he or she cannot open it at all.

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