A Porch to Be Proud Of

Does your porch need to assistance, whether that's to stay standing or to improve its aesthetics? Learn how a remodeling contractor can help.

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A Porch to Be Proud Of

When I moved into my current home, its front porch was literally falling down. The paint on the porch railing was peeling. The porch’s ceiling was sagging. In addition to these issues, the porch’s concrete floor was stained. After saving a substantial amount of money, I recently decided to give this important part of my home a much needed facelift. Because I’m not handy, I decided to hire an experienced remodeling contractor to build me the front porch of my dreams. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, remodeling projects that will give your front porch the wow factor. Enjoy!


3 Tips For Installing Carpet Flooring

20 January 2022
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There are many flooring options to consider if you are remodeling, but in some spaces, carpet is king. While hardwood and tile floors are excellent in areas with a lot of foot traffic, carpet flooring works best in areas where softness and warmth are priorities. Bedrooms, offices, even some living areas are where installing carpet can be an excellent decision. If you haven't thought about carpet in a long time, finding the right fit for your home may be challenging. Read More …

Great Things About Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

4 January 2022
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If you are looking for ways to improve your home, then think about having a sunroom added. A sunroom addition is a room in the house that's also commonly called a solarium. It is made up mostly of windows, including its ceiling. If you have never had a home with a sunroom before, then you may not know what you're missing. Here is more information on sunrooms and some wonderful things they can offer:  Read More …

5 Unexpected Kitchen Window Styles To Freshen Your Space

6 December 2021
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A kitchen that is light and airy is one that feels fresh, larger, and cleaner. This makes your window choice vital to achieving the best combination of sunlight, energy efficiency, and flexibility. To help you find your ideal kitchen windows, here are five great options you may not have considered for your kitchen remodeling project. 1. Casement Windows. Casement windows are mostly traditional windows, but they're hinged and open outward. While their closed form looks much like the sliding windows common in most parts of the home, the addition of a side hinge brings a unique flavor. Read More …

Use Mosaic Tiles During A Remodeling Project

15 November 2021
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Mosaic tiles consist of small tile pieces that are used to form a design. Many mosaic products contain a series of pre-cut tiles that are attached to a flexible membrane. This type of product will allow multiple tile pieces to be installed simultaneously and will reduce the amount of work needed to lay out a targeted design or picture. A Form Of Art Mosaics are pictures or patterns that are created by piecing together a series of materials. Read More …

Reasons To Consider Solid Wood Cabinets

20 October 2021
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One of the big debates you will have when you decide to remodel your kitchen is choosing the best material for the cabinets. The recent advances in technology have led to an increase in interior finishing materials in the market. However, wood is still the most popular material for kitchen cabinets, and most people choose it over other options. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider solid wood cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project. Read More …