4 Reasons To Get Professional Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation

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4 Reasons To Get Professional Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation

13 April 2022
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On average, contractors will charge between $40 and $100 for kitchen granite counter installation. The temptation to opt for a DIY installation rather than paying the high fees will likely cross your mind. However, granite countertop installation is best left to the professionals for these reasons:

Complex Installation Procedure

The internet can be very resourceful when looking for DIY installation projects. Nevertheless, despite watching dozens of videos, installing a granite countertop will still be challenging without previous experience.

Granite has a sensitive installation procedure. It needs lining up and accurate measurements to achieve an elegant look. Each slab will need precise installation, a skill that you may not have. Professionals are well skilled to line everything up correctly. Lining up makes the countertop look seamless and flawless.

Granite Is Very Heavy

Unlike other countertop materials, granite is very heavy. Therefore, installing it by yourself will be quite challenging. Besides, it is essential to handle it carefully to prevent dropping it or dragging it across the floor and damaging the floor or wall corners. 

Remodeling contractors are a team of trained professionals who can work together during the installation. Besides, they have the necessary knowledge and proper equipment to move heavy items like granite countertops. Professionals can use rebar for support and to keep the granite in place.

Proper Installation and High-Quality Results

Granite is an elegant and majestic addition to your beautiful home. Nonetheless, the countertop needs to be professionally installed to achieve this stylish look. Contractors have the skills to display granite with pride. 

Undertaking installation could lead to uneven slabs, stress fractures, and highly visible grout. Furthermore, when handling the installation for the first time, getting it right, even with a manual, is slight. With years of experience, professionals can install it fast, accurately, and correctly. They can also overcome the grout problem and other potential problems during installation. 

Availability of Equipment

Kitchen granite countertop installation needs expensive and complicated equipment like a belt sander and scribing tools. Other than lifting the heavy slabs and supporting the granite stone, it may need cutouts to leave space for appliances or sinks.

Thus, for proper installation, you need to have the right equipment. As a homeowner, you may not have these tools, and buying them for a one-time installation can be more expensive than calling in the experts. 

Get Affordable Professional Installation Services

A professional has the necessary tools, experience, and skills to install a granite countertop. Get in touch with one today for your kitchen granite countertop installation.