How To Maximize Space Usage During A Kitchen Remodel

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How To Maximize Space Usage During A Kitchen Remodel

3 July 2023
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One of the biggest kitchen renovation challenges is maximizing space usage. While you want to make the most of your kitchen, you also want to have it look as open as possible. A kitchen remodeling services contractor will use several of the following tricks to maximize the space in your new cooking area. 

Tight Measurements

Especially if a client is remodeling a smaller kitchen, every inch counts. Tight measurements are critical to maximizing space. If you can gain some vertical room in the counter area by using a slimmer microwave, that's a win. Similarly, a taller and slimmer space for the refrigerator can claim a few inches.

Removing Walls

Whenever possible, a contractor will want to remove the kitchen's interior walls. In many cases, a kitchen renovation services firm can use the wall's former area for something like a counter or an island between the kitchen and the dining room. This provides extra counter and seating space. It also still divides the kitchen from the dining room while making the presentation more open. You also will have more room to work in the kitchen because people in the dining room can come to the counter as a serving area rather than pushing around you while you're cooking.

Getting Vertical

A major hack in kitchen remodeling is installing vertical storage. If the cupboards don't already go to the ceiling, then install new ones that do to maximize their usage. Tall shelves are great, too. Hooks and pegs also can provide vertical storage. If you can squeeze even a small rack into an otherwise unusable space, that's a storage victory.

In-Counter Storage

Another solution is to build as much storage into the counters as possible. Once more, tight measurements will help. Also, a storage system like a lazy Susan can maximize storage in tight corner areas. Adding a basket system in the under-counter storage also can improve the overall organization.

Garbage Chute

The kitchen tends to be the part of the house that generates the most garbage. Leaving a garbage bin in the kitchen consumes space. Also, it's not the prettiest feature. Installing a garbage chute ensures that waste goes out immediately.


Finally, you can maximize the space by making sure that foot traffic flows through the kitchen as effortlessly as possible. In many houses, the kitchen has a backdoor. You want a design that moves anyone coming through the backdoor to where they're going without disrupting the cooking space.