Make Your Home Brighter With Help From Remodeling Professionals

Does your porch need to assistance, whether that's to stay standing or to improve its aesthetics? Learn how a remodeling contractor can help.

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Make Your Home Brighter With Help From Remodeling Professionals

27 December 2022
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After living in your home for weeks or months, you may notice some of its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you may love the layout, square footage, and features but find the lighting in many areas to look and feel lacking. A possible solution is remodeling your home with an emphasis on features and projects that increase brightness throughout the house. 

Light Fixtures

Sometimes all it takes is changing light bulbs to their appropriate wattage to get enough brightness. However, you may notice that most rooms lack light even with the correct wattage. A great solution is to install new light fixtures to increase lighting.

The challenging part is figuring out what light fixtures and solutions to incorporate. A chandelier works well as a centerpiece for the dining room, kitchen, living room, or entryway. Recessed lights are useful in every room and can provide event lighting throughout an entire room. A major benefit of recessed lights is adding dimmable ones for maximum control with lighting.

Track lights are worth considering because they can provide both general and task lighting. The collection of lights will illuminate an entire area. However, you will also be able to position each light bulb in the angle and direction you want to get the most lighting in a particular area.


Installing new windows is another effective strategy to increase the lighting in your home. Most windows will provide some degree of direct and indirect lighting. However, you can maximize brightness and lighting by getting strategic with where you install these new windows.

An important goal is to minimize external obstacles and obstructions that might block lighting. Buildings, fences, hedges, and trees can all block sunlight from reaching a window. So, you can work alongside remodelers to install windows that will not be affected by these obstructions.


Another way to increase your home's brightness is by removing walls. A room may get ample natural lighting, but that light may not be distributed to other rooms in a closed floor plan. So, you can remove some non-load-bearing walls to allow rooms to share lighting.

While you may not be able to implement this strategy for bedrooms, you may find it possible to do with the dining room, living room, kitchen, and entryway. Removing enough walls will allow each room to share artificial and natural light to create a brighter environment.

Use these remodeling strategies to increase brightness around your home. Contact a local home remodeling contractor to learn more.