Three Custom Cabinet Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

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Three Custom Cabinet Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

1 July 2021
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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's where you may gather with your children each day. Whether they love to grab their own snacks or your kids love to help with the cooking, having a kid-friendly kitchen can make the space more welcoming for everyone in the family. Use these custom kitchen cabinet ideas as you plan your remodel to give the food prep area some extra kid appeal.

Pullout Step Stools

Pullout step stools are situated at the bottom of your cabinet line or kitchen island. They save space and prevent your floors from becoming marked by traditional stools and chairs getting dragged around. Your kids can use the step stools to reach items in cabinets or see over the counter when they help you prepare meals. When not in use, the stool will disappear into the cabinet line, appearing as just another cabinet or drawer. Your contractor can create one that is a simple platform to stand on, or you can choose to have a more intricate design made with several steps and built-in handrails for added safety.

Hidden Beverage Coolers

If you tire from hearing the fridge opening and closing throughout the day, consider adding a hidden beverage cooler to your kitchen remodel. Your contractor can build an opening in the cabinet line to accommodate a small cooler, adding a cabinet face and handle to the door for a concealed appearance. When opened, the door reveals space for bottled water, juice boxes, and cans of sparkling water. Be sure to choose a cooler with shelves and can dispensers instead of one that holds only large bottles so your kids can grab a single-serving beverage whenever they are thirsty. You can also use this idea for yourself by adding a concealed locking beverage cooler to hold wine and other adult drinks.

Kids' Mini Pantry Cabinet

Having a selection of healthy after-school snacks available can make everyone's life easier, but kitchens aren't always set up to give little ones easy access to treats. Work with your contractor to create a kid-friendly mini pantry cabinet for your tiny tots. This cabinet should feature several smaller pullout shelves to hold granola bars, fruit snacks, and other treats. Smaller shelves inside the door can provide quick access to fruit cups, applesauce pouches, and small single-serve snacks. It's important to have multiple sections of shelves to make all of the items easier to reach. Just one or two larger shelves may be more difficult for your children to use. Position this mini pantry on the bottom of the cabinet line so it's perfectly positioned for your kids to open and access.

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