Incorporate A Large Pantry Into Your New Kitchen Redesign

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Incorporate A Large Pantry Into Your New Kitchen Redesign

24 July 2018
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A shortage of available space in the kitchen often means that homeowners set up their pantries elsewhere. You may have a pantry in your basement, in a nearby mud room, or even in a linen closet down the hall. Each of these locations can have their advantages, but if you're planning kitchen remodeling services, it's a good idea to see if your remodeling contractor can rework the space to incorporate a large pantry into your kitchen itself. This is a decision that you won't regret, as you'll soon be enjoying these benefits.

Fewer Steps

Having a pantry elsewhere in your home often means that you need to take several steps each time you wish to retrieve a certain food product when you're cooking. In the case of a basement pantry, you'll need to hurry from the kitchen to the basement and back. While the extra exercise isn't necessarily a bad thing, stepping away from the kitchen can be. For example, if you're stirring something that requires constant care, you won't want to spend perhaps 30 or 45 seconds searching a pantry elsewhere in the house — you could return to the kitchen to see the food that you're preparing scorched.

Less Food Going Bad

It's never a good feeling to discover food at the back of your pantry that has expired and that you thus don't feel confident using. When a pantry isn't convenient to the kitchen, there's a higher risk of this scenario taking place because you're often rushing to grab things out of the pantry and not taking time to take stock of what's there. A pantry inside the kitchen gives you more ease of knowing exactly what you have. For example, when you're waiting for something to cook, you can briefly assess the contents of the pantry from time to time and be sure to use up your older products.

Ease With Unpacking

When you bring several bags of groceries home from the supermarket, you'll commonly set them on your kitchen table or counter and start to put them away. While many of them will go inside your fridge, others will go in the pantry. If the pantry isn't close, you'll need to either make multiple trips to put these new additions where they belong or bag them all up together and then take them. A pantry just a few paces away will make the job of unpacking your groceries much easier.