3 Benefits Of Using Awnings Around Your Home

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3 Benefits Of Using Awnings Around Your Home

13 July 2017
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Awnings are not just for businesses or RVs; they can also be really handy features on your home. Here are three benefits that you can experience by using awnings on your home.

#1 Protection Against The Weather

One of the biggest benefits that awnings presents is protection against the weather. When you have an awning set up, snow, sleet, rain and hail will no longer hit against your house and your windows. Instead, it will be deflected away from your home. This can be a convenient feature if you live somewhere that gets a lot of precipitation. When storms hit, they will be quieter and when snow hits, it will not pile up right next to your house.

#2 Enjoy Shade Outside

Another big benefit of installing awnings over your windows is that they will provide you with additional shade to enjoy outside. For example, if you have a deck on your back porch, and you install awnings over your windows on the back porch, you now have a partially covered porch. This will provide you with some nice shade that you can enjoy when sitting outside on your porch or deck.

If you have a pet that you keep outside for part of the day, an awning can provide them with some valuable shade. You can put their crate or house underneath the awning in order to keep their area as cool as possible.

#3 Reduced Energy Costs

Awnings have long-term financial benefits as well, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of sunshine. Awnings can help block a significant percentage of the sunshine that hits your windows and heats up your home. If you live in the Southern United States where you get a lot of sun all year long, this can really help you reduce your cooling costs.

If you live somewhere with colder weather, where you want the sunshine to warm up your home in the winter but want to block the sun in the summertime, you can have retractable awnings installed so you can put it out and retract it throughout the year.

#4 Increases The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

If you choose awnings that match the overall color and style of your home, awnings can be a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. You can create custom sized awnings and use a wide variety of fabric on your awning to give it a true custom look that will set your home apart from the rest on the block. 

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