Bathroom And Laundry Room Combo: Remodeling Plans That Work

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Bathroom And Laundry Room Combo: Remodeling Plans That Work

9 June 2017
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When you want to remodel your bathroom, but you want to combine your laundry room with your bathroom, how do you go about it? There are some specific layouts that can make this combo room possible. It all depends on the size of the bathroom and the ability to install plumbing hookups for your washer.

Small Bathroom, No Extra Space

Starting with an already small bathroom? This combo room may be tricky. Look at what lies beyond some of the walls that make up the bathroom walls. If you have a bedroom closet behind one bathroom wall, it may be possible to invert the closet and convert it to the laundry room. You can either leave the door connecting the laundry room closet and bedroom open, providing access to the laundry room and bathroom from the one bedroom, or you can seal off that wall so that the converted closet is just an extension of the bathroom.

Additionally, you may want to consider space-saver laundry machines. These include an all-in-one washer dryer with separate cycles or a top/bottom dryer and washer combo. The all-in-one machine requires only a corner of space, which a converted closet could definitely provide. The top/bottom combo requires enough floor-to-ceiling space to accommodate the height of such a machine.

Medium-Sized Bathroom

With a medium-sized bathroom, you will just have to find out where to put the machines. Keep in mind that washers and dryers tend to be bulkier than you imagine, and do not put them anywhere where they can block the flow of traffic. You can remove bathroom cabinetry to create built-in space for your washer and dryer, but then you will have to figure out where your linens and other things from those cabinets are going to go. If you have enough wall space, you could install more cabinets as part of your bathroom remodeling project. Then your built-in laundry corner is not a problem at all.

Large Bathroom

Thankfully, a large bathroom will have no issues accommodating a washer and a dryer. The question then, is where to install the plumbing. While you could move a dryer anywhere in a big bathroom, the washer always has to remain where the hookups are. Choose your spot carefully because once the washer's plumbing is installed, it cannot be undone. As an added touch, install several cabinets and clothing racks to help keep the bathroom/laundry room clean and organized.

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