Enhance Your Bathroom With Intricate Tile Flooring

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Enhance Your Bathroom With Intricate Tile Flooring

29 March 2017
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If you want to dramatically enhance and alter the bathroom in your home during your bathroom remodel, consider tiling the floor. With so many tile options available, it is easy to find something distinctive and durable that is cohesive with your home's style and theme. Talk to tiling contractors about estimates, materials, and ideas to improve your home's floor, or use the following tips for DIY projects in your free time.

Some tiling tips from the pros include:

Stir until smooth. To make things easier, work with a smooth grout or mortar mixture. This means blend the mixture thoroughly to keep any clumps or lumps from compromising your work surface or complicating the tile job.

Keep things level. Always use a level to determine if the floor is flat. A flat, smooth surface is much easier to work with, and will yield the best results. If your floor is inherently sloped or sagging, build it up with plywood, or other building material before you attempt to tile.

Remove trims. Take time to remove the molding and baseboards before you begin to tile. This will give you a much better finished result, and will prevent damage to your moldings and trims during the tiling process.

Clean it up. Try to keep your work area as clean as possible during the tiling project. Clean up any mortar or grout immediately if you notice drips, spatters, or spills. Once it dries, it will be challenging to remove, if feasible at all.

Be patient. Be patient when tiling; make sure to give the flooring time to dry. Many people hurry this step along which can have disastrous results, and that could compromise the finished product. Plan- ahead and consider elements like the weather, temperature, and humidity when determining how long the grout or mortar will take to fully-dry.

Hire an expert. A no-fail way to get beautiful tiled floors without the work or worry is to hire an expert. Imagine the joy in coming home to luxurious, newly-tiled floors and surfaces- without the sweat equity!

Use these tips when taking on the task of replacing floors in your home with beautiful tiled surfaces. Tile is also ideal for beautifying a counter, vanity, or tub enclosure, too, and you may be amazed at how dramatically the new tile will enhance and change the look of any space. Talk with tiling professionals and home improvement retailers for suggestions related to the choices that you have available.