Shower Styles To Consider For Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation

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Shower Styles To Consider For Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation

2 March 2017
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It's easy to put a heavy focus on the decor scheme of your bathroom when you're planning a renovation, but it's also important to thoroughly consider any changes you wish to make to the room's fixtures. Putting in a new shower can dramatically change the look of the bathroom, as well as free up space or make the room more enjoyable to use. If you have a traditional shower-tub combination unit but you're interested in dramatically overhauling the bathroom, it's worthwhile to consider a number of different styles of shower. Once you've made your selection, your remodeling contractor can install the new shower for you, as well as make any other desired changes. Here are some shower styles to consider.

Two-Person Shower

A two-person stand-up shower can be a nice addition to any bathroom, and especially if you're remodeling your en-suite bathroom. This stand-up unit is similar to other stand-up showers, but it is larger in size so that it can freely accommodate two people. Additionally, you'll commonly find multiple showerheads so that both people wash themselves concurrently.

Door-Less Shower

When you think of a standard stand-up shower, you may often think of a unit that is enclosed by glass walls and a glass door. However, another option that can be enticing is a shower without a door. In this style, the user will walk through an opening between two walls and take a few steps away from the opening. The showerhead is typically positioned at the far end from the opening, which means that you can easily shower without water spilling out onto the bathroom floor. This design, in addition to looking sleek and modern, can be handy in a relatively small bathroom, as the open nature of the shower area doesn't give the illusion of taking up excess space.

Open Shower

An open shower goes a step beyond a door-less shower and simply includes a showerhead hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, with a drain below it. In this style, essentially the entire area is waterproof, which means that you'll stand in the center of the bathroom to shower. The floor around you will be remodeled to have a gentle slope to allow water to drain with ease. This style may seem unconventional, but many homeowners favor it. It can be handy in a small space, as you don't need separate areas for the shower and the main part of the bathroom.

For more information and options, talk with remodeling contractors, such as those at Herl's Bath Solutions.