Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Based on 3 Classic Sitcoms

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Based on 3 Classic Sitcoms

4 May 2016
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For many classic sitcoms, the kitchen was a key location for characters to interact, eat, and help move the story forward. Not only were these kitchens functional, but they have features and designs that can still be implemented into today's designs. As you plan out your kitchen remodeling plans, there are three different sitcoms that you can draw inspiration from. Each of these sitcoms used the kitchen as a key location and have signature design features that would look great in your kitchen today.

Golden Girls

The classic Bea Arthur and Betty White sitcom featured countless episodes where the friends would sit around the kitchen table to discuss problems, eat cheesecake, and tell funny stories. The kitchen had a great flow to it, but there are two features that really stand out. In the background of the kitchen, it's hard not to miss the garden window that sits above the kitchen sink. This window is there through the whole series and provides a nice natural light backdrop for scenes. The extended bay on the window is great for holding small plants and can be used the same way in your own kitchen. You can grow flowers, herbs, or other small plants. A garden window also features two small side windows that can be opened to allow fresh air through your kitchen.

The second feature showcased on the Golden Girls is a display mantle above all of the kitchen cabinets. A kitchen remodeling contractor can add stabilized shelving above your cabinets so you can display various items. On the Golden Girls, a number of antiques were displayed, but you can use the space for a number of different collections or kitchen decorations that you collect.

Full House

To help accommodate a house that always had at least six people living in it, the Full House kitchen design relied on a large island with a lot of functionality. One way to help improve the flow in your own kitchen is by featuring an island with a number of appliance connections. On Full House, their island features the stove, dishwasher, and a sink. This easy access makes it easy to prepare foods and gather multiple people around all sides of the island. The reverse side of the island also featured a bar stool area. Adding this area to an island design in your own home is a great way to offer extra seating options and a casual location for enjoying meals.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will Smith's classic sitcom may have taken place in a Bel Air mansion, but the kitchen has numerous designs that can be implemented into any type of home. Even though the kitchen on the show seems large, it relies on a lot of natural light and open air spaces to make the room feel bigger. You can create the same feeling by adding a pair of French doors to your kitchen entryway. The doors feature glass panels that allows a natural light to flow into the kitchen. During warmer months, the doors can be swung open to help expand the kitchen and connect it to an outdoor living space like a patio. Large windows were paired on the side of the doors to add even more natural light inside of the kitchen.

The kitchen on the show also features glass cabinet designs. These clear cabinet doors can help make the room feel larger and makes it easy to locate items within the kitchen. The finishing paint trim in the kitchen design used a lot of white, making the room appear larger and creating the feeling of more open space.

For additional info on these and other kitchen remodeling options, contact kitchen remodeling contractors in your area.