Want To Change Roofing Materials? Your Roof Pitch May Have The Last Word

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Want To Change Roofing Materials? Your Roof Pitch May Have The Last Word

9 December 2022
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A home remodeling project in which the roof needs to be changed can be quite an undertaking, and even more so if you want to completely change the roofing material on your home. While you have a choice of different materials, some of them are better suited to some roof pitches than others. In fact, it may be the roof pitch on your home that determines which materials you can really get.

Some Materials Can Leak at Lower Pitches

Different materials work with different pitches for a variety of reasons. Many materials work with a wide range of pitches, but others require a narrower range. For example, some varieties of shingled roofs can't be used with very low-pitched roofs because rainwater can seep in between the shingles. Do you know how sometimes when you pour water out of a glass, some of it runs back up the underside of the glass? This is the same concept, and that can allow the roofing material to decay and allow water to leak into the home.

You Can Change Your Roof Pitch, but It Will Require More Construction

It is actually possible to change the pitch of the roof, and if you're remodeling your home, that's a good time to take care of that work. But changing the pitch means changing the walls and ventilation system, not to mention adding or removing more insulation and possibly wiring. That's going to substantially change the budget for your home remodeling project, not to mention create a very inconvenient living situation for you. If you truly want to change your home's roof pitch, think very carefully about it and discuss it with the roofing contractors.

You Still Have Options

There really isn't a roof pitch that would limit you to just one material. If you're dead set on changing the roofing material your home has, you can do so. You're just going to be limited to the materials that work best for the roof pitch of your home. If the roofing company you have been in contact with does not offer a material that you think would work, you can look at other companies. Keep in mind that not all roofing companies offer the same range of materials, so keep looking if you know there's a specific material that would work well with the roof pitch on your home.

Roofing companies know that not every roofing material will be everyone's favorite. The company will be committed to helping you find the roofing material that is suitable for the roof pitch while also fulfilling your needs and eliminating issues that caused you to get rid of the previous roofing material. Plenty of people have houses with roof pitches identical to yours, and they are happy with their roofs. That means you will be able to have a new roofing system with a better material.

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