5 Reasons To Add Radiant Floor Heating During Your Renovation

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5 Reasons To Add Radiant Floor Heating During Your Renovation

7 September 2022
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Are you looking for a way to take your home's comfort level over the top this winter? Then it may be time to consider radiant floor heating. How can this one move boost enjoyment all year long while actually making your house more efficient? Here are five things every homeowner should know about heated floors.

1. They're an Easy Change. Depending on your remodel plans, you may not want to adjust your entire heating system. The good news is that you don't have to. You might add radiant heating in a few rooms — usually the bathrooms or kitchen — or use it to simply augment and complement your overall heating system. 

2. They Work With all Flooring. Hard flooring materials like tile, hardwood, stone, and cork are popular because of their clean, modern look. And these work incredibly well with heated flooring systems. The system runs either heated water or an electrical current through a layer placed underneath the flooring. While it also works with carpet, it's more muted. 

3. They're Operated Remotely. Tailor your in-floor heating system to your exact level of comfort. Once installed, you can generally control the temperature of the ambient air or the temperature of the flooring itself. Technological advances mean you may even be able to customize rooms using remote technology. 

4. They Lower Heating Bills. While heated floors are a high-end addition, they can actually lower your wintertime heating costs. Because hot air rises, generating the heat in the floors and allowing it to rise into the room may be more efficient than blowing hot air elsewhere. This may help your overall costs whether you use it solely or as part of your heating plan. 

5. They're Low Maintenance. You don't want to reconstruct your floors just to have to rip them up or make major system changes shortly afterward. Radiant heating, though, is a low-maintenance system. Running hot water through small piping takes very little in the way of continuous technology. Even electric systems are relatively passive and simplistic. So you'll have less to worry about. 

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