5 Unexpected Kitchen Window Styles To Freshen Your Space

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5 Unexpected Kitchen Window Styles To Freshen Your Space

6 December 2021
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A kitchen that is light and airy is one that feels fresh, larger, and cleaner. This makes your window choice vital to achieving the best combination of sunlight, energy efficiency, and flexibility. To help you find your ideal kitchen windows, here are five great options you may not have considered for your kitchen remodeling project.

1. Casement Windows. Casement windows are mostly traditional windows, but they're hinged and open outward. While their closed form looks much like the sliding windows common in most parts of the home, the addition of a side hinge brings a unique flavor. Flinging open the kitchen windows to let in the air is a throwback to earlier years and will give your kitchen a welcome retro feel.

2. Bay Windows. The bay window is a great addition for any kitchen to invite more light inside. Expanding outward and featuring a large central picture window and two side windows which can be opened or permanently closed, the bay window boosts both natural sunlight and good breezes. The picture window allows your kitchen to take advantage of outside views, making it more appealing. 

3. Bow Windows. Often confused with their cousin, the bay window, bow windows also help add square footage to the kitchen by expanding outward. You can install a full length bow window to increase floor area or add a useful and beautiful shelf style. They often add more light to the kitchen due to a larger number of window panes and feature more windows that can be opened to allow air circulation. 

4. Greenhouse Windows. A greenhouse window is often placed above the kitchen sink, making things a little more open and organic for those working there. Featuring an outward-expanded style like bay windows but with two shelves and limited potential for opening, this window is designed to help houseplants thrive. It can also be used for additional display space. 

5. Skylights. Windows aren't just for the walls. One often-overlooked kitchen window style is the skylight or sky tube. Installed in the ceiling, it surreptitiously allows in more sunlight and can even replace some of your overhead artificial lighting. Skylights are energy-efficient and can serve as window replacements when your wall space or views are limited. 

Want to know more about choosing the right window for your new kitchen? No matter what your goals, your views, or your budget, the right kitchen window style will make this room one of the most enjoyable and organic in the whole house. Meet with a remodeling contractor who specializes in kitchens today to get started.