Shower Remodeling Options To Create Modern And Spacious Bathroom Designs

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Shower Remodeling Options To Create Modern And Spacious Bathroom Designs

7 April 2021
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The bathroom in your home may be outdated and need to be remodeled. When you are remodeling a bathroom, it may include removing a bathtub or renovating an old shower. There are a lot of shower remodeling options that can be used to give your bathroom a more spacious design with the features you need. The following options will help give your bathroom the spacious, modern design you need:

Choosing the Footprint of the New Shower

The new shower's footprint is something that you are going to need to think about when planning your remodeling project. Options for changing the shower footprint in your bathroom include:

  • Using the footprint of an old bath for a new shower
  • Reducing the size of the shower to add space to the bathroom
  • Using space-saving corner shower designs for extra space

Options like smaller prefabricated units can give you more space in the bathroom for other design features that you may need.

Adding the Extra Shower Features You Need

There are extra shower features that you may also want to add to the design. These features can include:

  • Niches to store personal hygiene products
  • Adding grab bars for safety and accessibility
  • Adding seating to the shower for comfort and accessibility

The additional shower features can give your remodeling investment practical solutions for accessibility, safety, and storage in the shower.

Choosing the Finishes and Fixtures for the Shower

There are also options for finishes that you will need to choose. The finishes that you can use in your bathroom depending on the type of shower and design you use. Different finish options for the shower include:

  • Using prefabricated units with custom finishes and design details
  • Using tile materials to give your shower a custom design
  • Installing shower heads for massage therapy and other design features

The shower finishes can be great to make your bathroom remodeling modern and attractive.

Options for Walls, Glass, And Seats in the Shower

There are also options for walls, glass, and seating in your new bathroom design. These different shower design features include:

  • Using shower walls to mount bars and other features
  • Adding glass to the shower to give it a more open design
  • Installing comfortable ergonomic seating to the shower design

The walls are sometimes needed for features like seating. They can also reduce the amount of glass the needs to be installed when remodeling your shower.

The right shower design will give your bathroom a more spacious design and practical features that you need. Contact a shower remodeling service to discuss these options when you are ready to renovate your bathroom.