Work With Remodelers To Get More Workspace In Your Kitchen

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Work With Remodelers To Get More Workspace In Your Kitchen

6 June 2019
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Preparing meals in your kitchen may not be hard when you are doing it on your own and only cooking food for your household. When you invite family and friends over, you may notice that your workspace can become rather crowded since you need to accommodate more people.

Another way that the kitchen's workspace can become overcrowded is when you get help from your spouse or children as they may take up a decent amount of space. Working with remodelers is a smart move to make improvements that will increase the workspace inside your kitchen.


One of the easiest ways to get extra space to prepare food is replacing your countertop. If you do not want to replace the countertop with one that has a wider lip to gain an extra half inch across the entire surface, you should consider an alternative in expanding the countertop altogether.

If you have extra space in the kitchen, you may want to get help from remodeling professionals to add a new countertop area while also matching the existing countertop for an even look.


When you are not interested in expanding the countertop or you may not find it viable, you can take the extra space in your kitchen and put in a custom island. The great thing about a custom island is that you can get the same countertop material to avoid any mismatched colors.

An island can do a lot more than just provide space to prepare food on as well as providing storage underneath. You can install a second sink, which will provide you with an extra workspace and the ability to dedicate one sink to a certain function such as cleaning and the other to cooking.

Wall Oven

A freestanding oven may work well in most homes, but you may know that workspace size is an issue. This makes it worth switching over to a wall oven because it will give you more flexibility to decide on a cooktop surface and an ideal location. A wall oven will not be able to take up any valuable workspace from the sink, countertop, or island when you place it in an optimal area.

For instance, you can to put it in a place where your family can still work in the kitchen without being inconvenienced by the oven being opened and closed regularly.

Hiring kitchen remodelers is worth doing to improve the workspace in your kitchen. Contact a company like Guthrie  Kitchen &  Bath Plus LLC for more information.