Need New Countertops For A Small Kitchenette? 3 Features To Look For Before Buying

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Need New Countertops For A Small Kitchenette? 3 Features To Look For Before Buying

6 March 2019
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Having new countertops installed can make an enormous difference in the way your kitchenette looks, making it a great project to consider if you're unhappy with the way that the space looks. Instead of choosing just any new countertops in order to update the kitchenette, it's a good idea to consider the size of the space and what kinds of features can make the biggest difference in having a kitchenette that you're happy cooking and cleaning in.

Ease of Cleaning

Choosing countertops that are easy to clean is so important since it can make a big difference in terms of the condition that your counters are in over the course of the week. Deep cleaning the kitchen may be something that you reserved for only once a week or a few times a month, making it a good idea to choose counter tops that are as easy to clean as possible. This means avoiding counters that can show small spills or crumbs due to the color or pattern they may have.

Being careful to choose countertops that are easy to clean can help ensure that you'll be happy with them for longer since the kitchen can look much cleaner.

Neat Corners

As you get ready to get new countertops for your kitchenette, you'll want to consider just how compact the space is. With limited square footage, you'll have an easier time with countertops that have smooth corners and don't stick out farther over the sides of the cabinets. This can help the counters feel neat and prevent the space from looking too closed in once they're installed.

Plenty of Prep Space

As you check out different options for countertops, you don't want to stray away from having too much counterspace. Even with a smaller kitchen, you want to make sure that you plenty of prep space so that you can cook all the meals that you're used to. Making sure that the kitchen has enough prep space can mean choosing countertops that have a lot of open area for you to cut and prepare any meals.

When you're getting ready for choosing the right countertops for your kitchenette, you'll want to consider both the price and the kinds of features that are important to have. Instead of choosing just any look for your kitchenette, consider some of the above features and how they can play a part in giving your kitchenette the right look. For more information, get in touch with countertop services near you.